• What is the production timeline, till my order is shipped?

Production time is maximum 10 business days, from the day when we receive all of the details and a payment. After that period of time orders are shipped, with previously selected shipping method. 

  • Will I get any confirmation and tracking number, after my order is shipped?

You will be provided with shipping confirmation along with tracking number through email, at the day when your order will be dispatched. Make sure you register correct email address, during registration process.


  • I live in foreign country, is worldwide shipping available?

Obviously we are shipping worldwide, to every place on the globe. You can choose between registered mail and express courier shipping.


  • What are available payment methods?

Production time is calculated from the moment when we receive the payment.
Below you can find the list of available payment methods:
- PayPal transfer (payment arrives immediately)
- bank transfer (take up to few business days till payment reach receivers account)


  • Inverter - what is that thing?

Inverter is an power supplier, without it plasma gauges are not going to function - you can plug to it 5 different plasma dials, at the same time. This voltage converter transform 12V static voltage to 100V 400Hz. It is included into the price of plasma gauges, however you have to buy it separately with heater control panel.


  • Where do I connect inverter?

Inverter has two Power cables (red +, black - ) you have to connect them to 12V voltage from your car installation. Before you do that, check where is the „ + ” and „ – ” because if you connect it In opposite polarity, you will damage this device.  



  • Guarantee terms

We are giving one year guarantee on INDIGLO gauges and post-guarantee service. As a producers – we have individual components and parts for immediate replacement or repairment.

 A guarantee, warranty or right to withdraw from a contract will not be applicable, when a product is affected by mechanical damages of external origin. Therefore, before collecting a parcel from a post office or from a courier it is recommended to check if the packing has not been damaged during transportation. Your attention should be particularly drawn to the condition of the bands and seals on the shipped parcel. In case a shipment packing bears signs of a damage or the seals (bands) are torn off you should not accept such a shipment and you should draw up a damage protocol in front of a courier and contact the seller as soon as possible to explain this matter. Checking a parcel at the collection time is a required condition to take into consideration any possible Client’s claims due to a damage or a theft occurred during transportation.


  • Will I handle installation process by myself?

Definitely, you will! Installation process is really simple, it requires basic manual skills and some experience with tuning parts. Make sure you follow Instruction Manual, which is included into the package.


  • Can I regulate brightness of your glow gauges?

If there is originally brightness regulation knob in your car, then you can Just connect inverter’s powering into configuration with your fabric brightness regulator. This will allow you to regulate brightness of glow gauges, when you fit them in. In case if you don’t have such regulator, you can install an potentiometer, we recommend one with 3W, 50-100Ohm specs. You can check the drawing of how to do it, on instruction manual, that is included into package.


  • I couldn’t find glow gauges for my car at your shop / I want different design / my type is different than yours.

Just contact Us directly via email with your request. We are making custom orders for cars that are not in our offer, also custom designs with anything you require to have on the dials. The only limit here is your own imagination! If your gauges are different by the RPM, speedo range etc. – just contact Us with photo of your original gauges and we will figure it out.