About us

The company was founded in 2005, by that time we became one of the top European manufacturers of INDIGLO plasma gauges and automotive lighting sources. We offer you high quality products made in unique designs, that you can't find anywhere else, than in our company.

Over seven years of experience with the production of plasma gauges brought us substantial expertise in this field. The result is a knowledge of a lot of constructions and their diversity, which turns into excellent quality and perfect fitting of our gauges. You can see it all on high-quality photos, that show every smallest detail and perfection of execution. Our plasma gauges are not like the most available gauges on the market, which are just a mass products imported from China. If you look for some new gauges mod for your car, that will last for years, you are in the right place.

We are giving one year guarantee on INDIGLO kits and post-guarantee service for a serious high quality product. 
As a producers we have individual components and parts for immediate replacement or repair. In case if you haven't found accessories for your vehicle, or the ones that are available aren't exactly what you were up for, please do contact us via email and we will prepare individual project. For any other questions please visit FAQ or make inquiry in Contact category.