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Fluorescent paint lights in the dark on influence of blue or UV light. To get effect like on the photos below you will have to use UV diods that will light on needles from above. This paint allows you to get effect of lighting in the dark objects. Great to use on scales needles and other elemnts as well. Pait is resistant for weather conditions and wet.


In order to illuminate Heater Control panel, you need Inverter (power supply), which has to be bought separately in our shop. All the plasma dials and HC panel can be connected to one inverter. So in case if you already bought plasma dials (inverter included into the price), you dont have to buy another inverter.


We are offering replacement dials, that you put in place of your original dials. In case you have damaged dial, you want to convert your MPH dials to KMH (or opposite), or if you are just bored with the look of your original gauges and you want put something different instead of it. If your gauge type is not available please contact us.


Replacement Mercedes-Benz air conditioning knob Celsius replacement

A top-quality product that is hard to distinguish from the original dials. It's not a sticker made of foil that peels off after a month. Our dials are made of material resistant to high and low temperatures as well as moisture. Multi-layer printing, smooth matte surface, perfect shapes, and laser-cut holes, indicators like in the original dials - the surface is even and smooth in the indicator areas - the indicators are invisible when not lit up.